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Punta Cana: A Magical Destination In The Heart Of The Caribbean

Image courtesy of Joe deSousa at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Joe deSousa at Flickr.com

Punta Cana is located on the eastern shore of the Dominican Republic. The territory starts at the north with a beach called Arena Gorda and follows south Bávaro Beach, Uvero Alto Beach, Macao Beach and El Cortecito Beach. Further down you will find white sands and blue waters present in Cabeza de Toro, Cabo Engaño, Punta Cana and Juanillo.

The weather in Punta Cana is ideal for vacationing and enjoying all the beaches without any excessive heat, due to the lowest average temperature staying around the 68 degrees and a maximum of 89 Fahrenheit.

Punta Cana is considered one of the main places to visit in the Dominican Republic, providing travelers with around 50 kilometers of beautiful pristine beaches, some of the best hotels and the opportunity to take up some of the most exciting aquatic sports, excursions and leisure activities; all of it, very near to the Punta Cana International Airport.

Bávaro Beach

Famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters and fine white sand. Visitors opt to stay at Bávaro Beach partly due to the beautiful hotels that offer a wide array of culinary options and traditional cocktails. Aquatic sports like sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and more, are some of the main attractions on this beach.

The UNESCo declared this beach as one of the best in the world due to its particular beauty. A beautiful place to see while in Bávaro, is the Bávaro Manatee Park and check out the many shows that display beautiful fish and dolphins people can interact with. During the nighttime, they hold exhibitions with horses as well.

Image courtesy of Derek Hatfield at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Derek Hatfield at Flickr.com

Playa Rincón.

Located in Las Galeras, this beautiful natural beach is considered to be in the top ten destinations to see in Punta Cana. The beach is quiet and peaceful with welcoming waters to swimmers. The coast is broad and large so people usually play sports like volleyball and soccer. Aquatic sports are also common with windsurfing and kitesurfing being favorites. Restaurants in the area specialize mostly in seafood and have some of the best culinary offers available to visitors. For those interested in learning about the history of the beach and about the Spanish conquistadors and their travels, they may find tour guides specialized in talking about all the historic significance of the area. There are a few areas in Playa Rincon that are off limits to people and protected.

Las Terrenas Beach

Located 225 kilometers from Santo Domingo and 48 kms from Samaná. This is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in the area due to the low footprint it has and for being one of the most protected by its high vegetation. The fine sand and clear waters are perfect for those looking to rest in a quiet place.
Punta Cana

Boca Chica Beach

This is the closest beach to Santo Domingo. As you walk through Boca Chica Beach, you can find food stalls, restaurants, markets, fruit vendors and other type of specialty shops that make this area very charming. The beach offers the opportunity to experience a true Caribbean atmosphere and a livelier environment than other beaches. The water is about 4 feet deep and there is a coral reef formation nearby that makes it so a natural pool is formed. Boca Chica is welcoming and the people there truly make you feel glad you chose to stop by. Try the local dishes at small stalls and the local drinks as well that are usually sold by small vendors.

Bávaro Manatee Park

This is a natural theme park located right at Bávaro Beach. Visiting is highly recommended for families traveling together specially, but they have things for everybody. The tropical flowers and orchid gardens are truly breathtaking. During your stay at the park, you may enjoy different types of activities like dining at the different restaurants, shopping for traditional artisan-made souvenirs and the main attraction, swimming with dolphins. The park has shows with exotic parrots, horses, sea lions and dolphins as well as local dancers and other artists. There is also a small zoo where you can see up close iguanas, snakes, crabs, flamencos and other animals indigenous to the region.

The food offer and shops are varied and very inclusive. You can find anything from pizzas, fast food and small snacks to a full restaurant with gourmet dishes of the most extravagant sea fare.

The park works as a place of conservation and care for the environment and the land so it will be available to the many generations to come.

For more information on deals, hotels, cruises and more, check out our page and our blog at Royal Holiday Destinations. Also, make sure you check out our articles about other Caribbean beaches you must visit!

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Royal at Sea brings you unforgettable experiences on board majestic cruises to the world’s most beautiful corners. Get ready for a 24/7 floating adventure-fun journey with everything from recreational activities, nightlife, theatre, spa, casinos, art galleries,extreme sports, to aquatic parks with water slides and surf wave simulators. Enjoy all this and more with your Dream Vacations Program.

On board activities
On board activities

Taking a cruise means, among other things, tasting scrumptious buffets and a-la-carte menus serving culinary international specialties to entice your palate, day and night. Most cruises offer the All-Inclusive plan, with unlimited meals and beverages.  It’s a great vacation option for families wanting to spend time together during a holiday, or for honeymooners in search of a romantic getaway.variedad-cruceros-actividades-royal-holidayYour Premium Vacation Program membership comes with a number of holiday credits that let you choose the cruise, route, cabin, entertainment-type on board, and length of travel (3 to 11 days).

Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean
Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean

The Royal at Sea program takes you to Alaska, the Bahamas, Bermuda Islands, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, South America and the Mexican Riviera.

Alaska Cruise
Alaska Cruise

Remember to know your ports of landing once you select your cruise.  Whether you the adventure, shopping, nightlife, working out, extreme sports, or sunbathing type, there’s a route and a landing port with activities and adventures for you.

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Mediterranean cruises
Mediterranean cruises

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5 exhilarating activities in Cancun

Cancun is certainly a paradise for beach lovers, and sun worshippers, but it is also a little slice of heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs and thrill-seekers.

The Subsee Explorer

The Subsee Explorer out of Cancun is built especially for underwater viewing.  You can stay dry and see the amazing reefs, fish, and underwater majesty of the Caribbean Sea up close and personal.  Your kids will love it!

From: Adults $159 USD, Kids (4-12) $99 USDNiños mayores de 4 años $86 USD

ver másEN

Exotic Car Driving Experience

Enjoy the copiloting experience on board one of the exotic cars, while the professional driver tries to beat his previous lap record. If you love the need for speed this hot lap experience is great for you. Available exotic cars: Ferrari F430, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and others.

Cancún Autodrome
5 laps/1:30 hrs. approx.
From $115 USD per persongo-kartver másEN

JOYÁ by Cirque du Soleil at Vidanta Riviera Maya
Immerse all of your senses with ‘JOYÀ’ by Cirque du Soleil® — the first Cirque show in the world to offer the option of tablecloth dining. Follow the story of an alchemist and his granddaughter embarking on a transformative quest to uncover the secrets of life, with the help of half-human, half-animal creatures.

The Vidanta Theater is located between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen across from the Mayan Palace.

joyaver másEN


Prepare for a day of truly legendary sport fishing. Cancún charters feature air-conditioned luxury sport fishing yachts, tournament-rigged and fully equipped for deep-sea fishing in paradise. Some charters include transportation from the hotel to the pier, fishing equipment and beverages. Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit, cap/hat, sunblock and sunglasses.


For further information visit:
Cancún Pesca
Riviera Maya Fishing
Go Fishing Cozumel

Golfing in Cancún
The magical scenery of the Mexican Caribbean invites the world-renowned designers of golf courses to give the landscape curves, mounts, fairways and greens in a sport that combines relaxation with excitement.


Cancun Golf Club at Pok-Ta-Pok
18 holes, par 72 course from
The Hilton Cancún Golf & Spa Resort
18-hole, par 72 championship golf course with more than 6,700 yards
Riviera Cancún Golf Club
Green fee (18 holes) from $140 USD

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All Inclusive or Vacation Condo? 5 Advantages to Each

Every year Royal Holiday vacation travelers come to Membership Services with a very similar question. Should I go with an All-Inclusive resort or with a vacation condo style resort? While each is loaded with advantages, it all comes down to how you want to go – and how you want to stay.

Let’s take All-Inclusive first not only because it’s less obvious but because it’s frequently worth the extra expense.

Five Advantages to All-Inclusive

1. An AI vacation is always better for multi-generational travel.  Different age groups have different eating and drinking habits needs or wants. Seniors really should be able to spend the entire morning at the restaurant and kids should have a few more snacks whenever they want.

2. AI is better for an International Trip that’s not too adventurous. (Again, like with older adults and kids). AI let’s you pay for things upfront in your own currency, so you’re not constantly digging for unfamiliar bills or calculating Exchange Rates.

 3. An AI Vacation lets you relax more and better, in basically one place, without venturing out too much.

4. AI also lets bigger groups of people travel together – without having to coordinate meal times or meetings.

5. AI is the way to go – to some of the most popular beaches in Mexico, theDominican Republic or the RivieraMaya where guests enjoy stunning natural beauty but without really busting loose for the heart of the jungle.

Five Advantages to Condo Travel

1. A vacation condo is likely much less expensive. Longer stays and more freedom are two big plusses!

2. Condos are prefferred by independent adults of the same ages or those traveling with only one or two small children. Some condos, like the High Point World Resort in Orlando, are particularly good for families with multiple children, but whose dining habits are familiar and easy to manage.

3. Going to the supermarket is the start – not just of savings. It’s also the first step to exploring the wider area.

4. Travel more! Royal Holiday travelers to condo vacation resorts are there not just for the time at the resort, but for the broader city or region.

5. More casual Eating. Because you’re bringing some food in, you can enjoy a more casual approach to when and what you eat. Again, this isn’t so good for some kids or older adults. But for a couple or groups of adults, it’s definitely the preferred way to go.

You’ll see above that there are some very distinctive advantages to either way – “lodging only” in a Condo Restort or All-Inclusive. Let us know in the comments below which way you prefer to go – and why ? Other members would love to know.

New Certainty Whenever You Book

New Certainty Whenever You Book
New Certainty Whenever You Book

Committed to continuous improvements, the already new Dream Vacations website is now sporting an all new and far more robust reservation system that allows you to maximize your Dream membership and getting out more – and more often.

Short-Term Opportunities
Dream Members always have special access to a limited number of resorts and cruises. But the new system will highlight limited time opportunities at all kinds of other places! These can include condo-resorts, full service All-Inclusive resorts and even some of the traditional hotels you love the best.
Preferential Rates
As part of your Dream Vacations membership you always get preferred rates on your favorite hotels, but the new system is designed to highlight the offers with the best rates. The new system also continually shows you which certificates can be redeemed – starting with those that are most affordable!
Better Service
The new reservation system also lets Membership Services better find your reservation and get you going a lot more efficiently. That way even if you call in you get faster service on payments, reservation changes, or even inquiries about your membership. You get comprehensive care in just one call.

24/7 Attention!

What’s more, the new technology behind the website lets Dream members get excellent attention no matter when they’re booking. Just click the chat button at the top of any page, and they’ll be happy to keep you going Monday to Thursday from 7am to 11pm, Fridays from 7am to 9 pm and weekends from 10am till 6pm (all times are CST). If they’re not there, you’ll be prompted to send an email.

RoyalHolidayDream.com is, today, a faster, better and more efficient way to plan your next vacation. Log on today, and you’ll see the difference.


Summer Lasts Straight Through Autumn!

dreamSummer is the height of the vacation holiday season – but what if you go in October? Here’s how to get two extra months of Summer every year.

What does Autumn have over Summer Anyway?

Experienced Royal Holiday travelers know that every location you can travel too has a high and low season. The Royal Holiday system isolates the few Prime season dates (in most places) to keep High seasons more affordable. But for lots of places, Cancun, Cozumel and a lot of other beach locations, summer is still as high as High season gets. It can be expensive too!

Many Royal Holiday travelers have also grown accustomed to the idea that “Sometimes it’s low season just because not a lot of people are going.”

Other than the crowds, in many locations September and October can look exactly like Summer. This is especially true along the beaches in Mexico, and in the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Particularly when you can’t get a reservation – at the height of July for example – it’s good to know that a four or five day break in September or October could cost as much as 50% less – for the same room.

It’s also a lot easier to book and at prices like these you could even stay twice as long. Or go twice for four or five days each and then see how you feel!

Risks to Autumn Travel

The risk most people think of – in the Caribbean – is the Atlantic hurricane season which peaks every year in September.

It’s a real risk – but guess what? It’s only nominally less important in July or August. The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1st not on September 1st!

Royal Holiday travelers rest assured that if the airport closes, their vacation will be re-scheduled. Other than tropical weather patterns, most of the beaches in Mexico are beautiful year round.

There’s also some risk that without the crowds, with just your partner and a really beautiful location – you may just learn and experience something totally new. Now that’s a risk worth carefully considering.


Planning for the Holiday of a Lifetime

Royal Holiday is always about a terrific annual vacation. Not just this year, but every year. Getting the right vacation in is much easier when you plan ahead and most Royal Holiday members start planning in February to head off in May, June, July or even towards the very end of the year when prices can be some of the most attractive all year.

Available rooms are one advantage to booking right now, but most members find better deals on airfares and similar extras associated with annual travel.

While there are some very attractive promotions going on right now on royalholidaydream.com, those will be updated and changed continually as the year progresses. In most cases, promotions cover a very limited number of rooms and so, your chances of gaining just the reservation you want are much less the longer you wait.

This month too, Royal Holiday members are booking – for the first time ever – a very special new destination. Just outside of magnificent Playa del Carmen, the Grand Riviera Princess is setting up Royal Holiday members for a Riviera Maya vacation to remember!

Of course, Membership Services will be happy to talk to you about something extraordinary – or about the tried and true at your all time favorite destination. But the time to plan your 2014 vacation is now and you’re going to love this year’s trip best of all!

Royal Holiday.


Royal Dream Vacations Memberships: Winter Dreams Really Do Come True

Royal Holiday travelers take off for all kinds of locations and they do it year after year – every year. But that doesn’t mean baking in the sun on the beach, one more time.

Nearly one quarter of Royal Holiday’s most dedicated travelers take off for snow, cold and adventure and many of them don’t have to travel too far.

These are some of the most popular locations booking right now – even though lots of other folks are headed for the sun and sea in the Caribbean. Almost as many are headed right now for:

poconosThe Poconos

High in Hawley, Pennsylvania, there’s still a lot of Mid-Atlantic ski season to go.

And with nearly all of Tanglwood Resort ultra-convenient to all the Lake Wallenpaupack winter time activities – lots of skiing and downhill tubing, it’s a fun winter adventure less than 3 hours from New York City.

And at just a 40 minute drive to the casino resort at Mt Airey, it’s turning into a true winter destination – again.

Lake Placid in the Adirondacks

lake placid

Want to go a little further? Lake Placid is an easy (and breathtaking) drive from the Burlington, Vermont airport.

(United has some time specials to the area.) And there’s a good reason to have the Olympics in an area like Whiteface Mountain. It’s spectacular.

Royal Holiday travelers stay at the Lake Placid Club Lodges and many of them go back each and every year.

vailVail, Colorado

Arguably easier to get to than any other ski location in the Royal Holiday collection, Vail is one of those World Famous ski and winter destinations.

With loads of first class food, drinks and services, it’s better than an adventure and the fun last all year round. In winter time, there are often specials on downhill skiing, cross-country and all kinds of things to welcome the winter crush of travelers, sports enthusiasts and tourists. If you haven’t been yet then you’re in for a big eye opener.

Winter really is the time to go, whether you’re just using up left-over Holiday Credits, or you’ve been waiting to ski all year. Royal Holiday membership services is ready to help you plan the Winter Holiday that you’ll be remembering come July. Give us a call and let’s get going.