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Booking Online is Easy!

Royal Holiday Dream Vacations is designed to provide many of the advantages of Royal Holiday membership to an ever growing audience. Dream Members get easy access to many of the same high quality hotels and resorts, and cruises and all at preferential rates. If you haven’t booked online already, the new site, at RoyalHolidayDream.com, is a terrific place to start. You can check availability, book and redeem all (or just some) of your certificates  and learn more about every place you’re going.

Here’s a quick introduction to how easy it is to get your next vacation going and going good.

1. Site Registration:

The first time you log-in you royalholidaydream.com, you’ll need to provide your name and account number. Just click the “Activate Your Account” button, and follow the directions. You’ll just need a the email address you provided when you signed up, your contract number and your member number.

2. Planning:

Members can search by date or by destination. Because availability is always limited, members are advised to look at dates first to see which destinations offer available rooms on the dates they’d like to travel.

a. To search by date, enter your preferred dates into the search box and the total number of guests traveling. Results will show all of  available destinations, plus the cost in Holiday Credits and where there are specials, you’ll see that too.

b. To search by destination, you can simply browse the list of available resorts, hotels, cruises and deals. By clicking one of them, you can learn more about it, and check availability for the dates you want to travel.

3. Booking:

Whenever you book, the system will present you with a range of options for redeeming the certificates in your package starting with the least expensive. It’ll also account for any remaining credits from your last trip.

Holiday Credits are always valid for the life of your memebership.

When you’ve selected the certificate or combination of certificates you’d like to use to book your trip, just click the “Book Now” button.

4. Details:

Upon booking, you’ll need to provide details of the people traveling and payment for the certificates redeemed and any other expenses associated with the reservation. The system preloads the account owner information but members are free to send other travelers.

5. Payment & Confirmation:

Finally, any charges for the certificate redemption or additional charges related to the reservation need to be covered. The process is secure and fast. You will be receiving an email confirmation of your reservation. The transaction is also recorded in the “My Account” section at the upper right corner of the site. The confirmation receipt may also be printed for presentation at check-in upon arrival at the hotel.

More information:

Further information or assistance is always available from the “Chat” button at the top of every page of the site. You may also email service@royal-holiday.com or telephone Membership services at the numbers in the same area. 

Remember, your Dream Vacations membership is designed to give you the best possible experience of a holiday that you’ll never forget. For that, it’s best to plan ahead!