Royal Dream Vacations – Coming Online Soon!

Royal Dream Vacations is the trial membership plan that lets thousands of traveling members experience just some of the full blown Royal Holiday lifestyle. As the year closes, we’re almost ready to launch the Royal Dream Vacations website that makes fulfilling your holiday dreams easier than ever.

The website is designed to let Dream members check hotels, vacancies, and locations and to book rooms just like full members do from the main website.

With an emphasis on ease-of-use, the site will also allow Dream members to better learn about the destinations, the nearby fun, sun (or skiing) and how they can get there faster and easier than ever. The same Chat service with Membership Services allows for easy contact during normal business hours.

Although Royal Dream Vacations is designed to work the same as the full Royal Holiday membership, instead of paying an annual fee to receive Holiday Credits, Dream members redeem any of numerous certificates to unlock an allotment of Holiday Credits. These can then be exchanged for lodging at some of the same hotels and resorts enjoyed by full members. Historically, the problem has been to know which certificates to redeem and when.

The onsite certificate accounting system makes it easy to see which certificates are available, the cost of redeeming, and the resulting credits. Any left over credits are also accounted for and can be put toward future bookings.

Royal Dream Vacations is better than an introduction to Royal Holiday. It’s a complete plan for enjoying many of the world’s most beautiful and lavish vacation spots, regularly and with the full backing of the world’s largest vacation club. The website will make it that much easier and more affordable to go, and to go back.

We’ll let you know just as soon as it’s live!