Going back just got that much better!

2014 is winding down and even now, Royal Holiday travelers are heading for the Grand Riviera Princess. It’s not just another schmaltzy resort on the Caribbean, but, on the contrary, it’s practically in Playa del Carmen and practically unmatched in terms of luxury, facilities, natural beauty and pure freedom. And it’s wide open.

Of course, Royal Holiday travelers are also taking off for Cozumel, stunning Acapulco and even closer to home in dramatic Lake Placid. Feel like more Caribbean sea? How about a drop-dead gorgeous cruise sailing from Galveston and bound for the Magic that only Carnival can deliver?

Video? The Park Royal Cancun is not only the most popular in the entire Royal Holiday collection – it’s an absolute legend on the Cancun beach. Here’s everything you may have forgotten in just about 90 seconds.

At this point, it would be too much to ask you to travel without your smart phone or tablet. But the list of possible apps and add-ons is frankly too much to deal with too. Royal Holiday assembled the list of the ideal apps for that annual trip – no matter where you’re going!

And don’t forget, the FAQ on the website continues to grow even as more and more questions get answered. No matter what you’re looking to do, you can probably find out on the Dream Vacations website.

Tips, tricks, pics and prose, there’s a lot to get moving and still a lot to do this year. Here’s hoping your Holiday Season is off to a running start, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the beach.

Bon Voyage!

angie vela
Angie Vela
Member Services Director
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