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Booking Online is Easy!

Royal Holiday Dream Vacations is designed to provide many of the advantages of Royal Holiday membership to an ever growing audience. Dream Members get easy access to many of the same high quality hotels and resorts, and cruises and all at preferential rates. If you haven’t booked online already, the new site, at, is a terrific place to start. You can check availability, book and redeem all (or just some) of your certificates  and learn more about every place you’re going.

Here’s a quick introduction to how easy it is to get your next vacation going and going good.

1. Site Registration:

The first time you log-in you, you’ll need to provide your name and account number. Just click the “Activate Your Account” button, and follow the directions. You’ll just need a the email address you provided when you signed up, your contract number and your member number.

2. Planning:

Members can search by date or by destination. Because availability is always limited, members are advised to look at dates first to see which destinations offer available rooms on the dates they’d like to travel.

a. To search by date, enter your preferred dates into the search box and the total number of guests traveling. Results will show all of  available destinations, plus the cost in Holiday Credits and where there are specials, you’ll see that too.

b. To search by destination, you can simply browse the list of available resorts, hotels, cruises and deals. By clicking one of them, you can learn more about it, and check availability for the dates you want to travel.

3. Booking:

Whenever you book, the system will present you with a range of options for redeeming the certificates in your package starting with the least expensive. It’ll also account for any remaining credits from your last trip.

Holiday Credits are always valid for the life of your memebership.

When you’ve selected the certificate or combination of certificates you’d like to use to book your trip, just click the “Book Now” button.

4. Details:

Upon booking, you’ll need to provide details of the people traveling and payment for the certificates redeemed and any other expenses associated with the reservation. The system preloads the account owner information but members are free to send other travelers.

5. Payment & Confirmation:

Finally, any charges for the certificate redemption or additional charges related to the reservation need to be covered. The process is secure and fast. You will be receiving an email confirmation of your reservation. The transaction is also recorded in the “My Account” section at the upper right corner of the site. The confirmation receipt may also be printed for presentation at check-in upon arrival at the hotel.

More information:

Further information or assistance is always available from the “Chat” button at the top of every page of the site. You may also email or telephone Membership services at the numbers in the same area. 

Remember, your Dream Vacations membership is designed to give you the best possible experience of a holiday that you’ll never forget. For that, it’s best to plan ahead!


Have you checked out the Royal Dreams Website yet?

Some members will recall that Royal Holiday was anxious to close 2013 with a bang – by launching a new interactive site just for Dream Vacations members. The site has already taken off with considerable success and we want to make sure you get the most out of it.

The main goal of launching the site is to provide an additional channel for members who want to book simply and easily any time of day or night. Easy to navigate, check availability and to reserve, it also provides a complete breakdown of your remaining certificates and how much each one is worth.

You can browse today not just for the normally available resorts but for an always changing array of specials and deals. Sign in at and check the instructions or the CHAT button if you have any trouble. There’s also an FAQ section with explanations of the most common problems new members sometimes experience.

Planning your vacation early is always a good idea. The new vacation planning site lets you filter your search by destination or cruise, promotions or by the dates you want to travel. Your search results will present you with a list of destinations or cruises and once you’ve selected it, you’ll see a variety of options for which certificates to use starting with the most affordable option. You can decide which certificates to redeem as well as your room size and select from a variety of other options.

Remember, your dream vacation could be for one week, two weeks or even three full weeks. Royal Holiday members go regularly and we’re always working on ways to make it easier and more fun.

You can still call with questions, comments or advice for when to go and how best to get there. Membership Services is standing by now and taking calls from many members who’ve already used the new website so we hope you’ll feel free to call just the same.

Royal Dream Vacations is a terrific way to enjoy a much longer, much more regular break to your hectic schedule. The new site will answer many of your questions and when and where to go are just among the most interesting.

Visit now at

Royal Dream Vacations – Coming Online Soon!

Royal Dream Vacations is the trial membership plan that lets thousands of traveling members experience just some of the full blown Royal Holiday lifestyle. As the year closes, we’re almost ready to launch the Royal Dream Vacations website that makes fulfilling your holiday dreams easier than ever.

The website is designed to let Dream members check hotels, vacancies, and locations and to book rooms just like full members do from the main website.

With an emphasis on ease-of-use, the site will also allow Dream members to better learn about the destinations, the nearby fun, sun (or skiing) and how they can get there faster and easier than ever. The same Chat service with Membership Services allows for easy contact during normal business hours.

Although Royal Dream Vacations is designed to work the same as the full Royal Holiday membership, instead of paying an annual fee to receive Holiday Credits, Dream members redeem any of numerous certificates to unlock an allotment of Holiday Credits. These can then be exchanged for lodging at some of the same hotels and resorts enjoyed by full members. Historically, the problem has been to know which certificates to redeem and when.

The onsite certificate accounting system makes it easy to see which certificates are available, the cost of redeeming, and the resulting credits. Any left over credits are also accounted for and can be put toward future bookings.

Royal Dream Vacations is better than an introduction to Royal Holiday. It’s a complete plan for enjoying many of the world’s most beautiful and lavish vacation spots, regularly and with the full backing of the world’s largest vacation club. The website will make it that much easier and more affordable to go, and to go back.

We’ll let you know just as soon as it’s live!

Royal Dream Vacations Memberships: Winter Dreams Really Do Come True

Royal Holiday travelers take off for all kinds of locations and they do it year after year – every year. But that doesn’t mean baking in the sun on the beach, one more time.

Nearly one quarter of Royal Holiday’s most dedicated travelers take off for snow, cold and adventure and many of them don’t have to travel too far.

These are some of the most popular locations booking right now – even though lots of other folks are headed for the sun and sea in the Caribbean. Almost as many are headed right now for:

poconosThe Poconos

High in Hawley, Pennsylvania, there’s still a lot of Mid-Atlantic ski season to go.

And with nearly all of Tanglwood Resort ultra-convenient to all the Lake Wallenpaupack winter time activities – lots of skiing and downhill tubing, it’s a fun winter adventure less than 3 hours from New York City.

And at just a 40 minute drive to the casino resort at Mt Airey, it’s turning into a true winter destination – again.

Lake Placid in the Adirondacks

lake placid

Want to go a little further? Lake Placid is an easy (and breathtaking) drive from the Burlington, Vermont airport.

(United has some time specials to the area.) And there’s a good reason to have the Olympics in an area like Whiteface Mountain. It’s spectacular.

Royal Holiday travelers stay at the Lake Placid Club Lodges and many of them go back each and every year.

vailVail, Colorado

Arguably easier to get to than any other ski location in the Royal Holiday collection, Vail is one of those World Famous ski and winter destinations.

With loads of first class food, drinks and services, it’s better than an adventure and the fun last all year round. In winter time, there are often specials on downhill skiing, cross-country and all kinds of things to welcome the winter crush of travelers, sports enthusiasts and tourists. If you haven’t been yet then you’re in for a big eye opener.

Winter really is the time to go, whether you’re just using up left-over Holiday Credits, or you’ve been waiting to ski all year. Royal Holiday membership services is ready to help you plan the Winter Holiday that you’ll be remembering come July. Give us a call and let’s get going.

Dream Vacations Members: Royal Holiday 2014 Cruise Blow-Ou

Cruise Vacations have never been easier to book, board and go.

Imagine 8 nights – sailing from New York City to the Bahamas – for just 5,582HC

Absolutely every year, the number of Royal Holiday travelers opting for a cruise vacation continues to grow.

Every year there are more options, new ports-of-call and features on some of the greatest ships the world has ever seen.

The Norwegian Breakaway is sailing from New York City, regularly. You can also book the Norwegian Epic or the Getaway and sail from Miami.

Carnival is sailing regularly from New York, too. But also from San Juan in Puerto Rico and from Port Canaveral a bit further up the Florida Coast. You can even sail Carnival from Galveston, Texas or Seattle Washington.

Summer Cruises to Alaska aboard Princess Cruises – they’re all wide open!

Where are we going anyway?

Now imagine sailing the Princess Coral from Anchorage to places like:

  • Hubbard Glacier
  • Glacier Bay
  • Skagway
  • Juneau
  • Ketchikan
  • and then to Vancouver, British Columbia

Remember, Royal Holiday travelers regularly head to our destinations. Well, many of them are right by the sea, but by adding in all the places you can go on a cruise ship – you’re literally multiplying your total destinations by ten-fold. (Maybe more.)

Just a few of the more popular destinations include

  • Turks & Caico
  • Grand Turk
  • Aruba
  • Jamaica
  • Haiti
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Africa
  • Russia
  • Finland
  • Alaska
  • Brazil
  • Panama
  • Chile
  • Argentina

Sail anywhere and everywhere. Make 2014 the year for your BEST Cruise Vacation Ever!

New this coming season, the Blue Man Group is performing on all kinds of Norwegian Cruises, including on the Breakaway and the Getaway. As the Cruise industry gets more competitive, absolutely every ship is pulling out the stops to give you a more breathtaking entertainment experience than the last including Broadway style shows, comedy, water parks and nightly jazz, rock and nightclubs for dancing.

Don’t forget the food. It’s another area where Cruise Lines have been forced – by customer demand – to clean up their acts! Today’s cruise lines offer gourmet options, fantastic laid back restaurants, formal dining rooms for when you’re feeling like something special – and a whole lot more.

We regularly feature some of the finest here, but ask our Cruise Team about which Cruises are best for your own dietary needs – or your sense of adventure.

We also regularly advise Royal Holiday cruisers interested in:

  • Cruises for seniors
  • Cruises for families with kids
  • Multi-generational cruises
  • Cruises for special interests, lifestyles or excursions.


Need more information? Just call membership services. The Cruise Team is always happy to help you research cruises, learn about itineraries, ports-of-call and onboard attractions.