6 Ways to Make your Dream Certificates Work for You

The Dream Vacations program is just a taste of what Royal Holiday full members enjoy – year after year. The package includes a big bunch of certificates, each of which can be converted into a bunch of Holiday Credits that get you where you want to go – regularly and for some extremely attractive holidays. Here’s how to get more out of them.

1. Keep an open mind when you’re planning your Holiday. Some of the most popular destinations can be more difficult to book, so try to have at least one or two alternatives in mind.

2. Keep an open schedule – until you book. Royal Holiday travelers go every year – and they often go back. The online system – or Member Services – are ready to suggest alternative travel dates so that you get the dates as close as possible to your first choice of dates. Because Prime season dates are separate from High season dates, you should see a greater variety of dates to choose from during High and Mild demand seasons.

3. Understand the seasons. Dream Vacations travelers can’t book during the very short Prime Seasons. But often even High season isn’t the best time to go. For longer and extended vacations, Mild demand seasons are often a very good opportunity for really enjoying the good life, and that’s what the Dream Vacations package is all about.

4. Let the System work for you. The Dream Vacations website, RoyalHoidayDream.com will always give you the best view of your available certificates, and it will show you those the most economical options for which certificates should be redeemed.

5. The Premium Vacations certificate is valued at 15,000 Holiday Credits. Only the first of five can be redeemed at no cost but it’s enough for a full week – and often much more – in many locations. Any leftover credits can be used on your next holiday – for the life of the Dream Vacations program.

6. All Certificates are redeemed for Holiday Credits that will never expire (except for the four Cruise Certificates). So everytime you book for less than the Credits you redeemed, you’re saving for another terrific holiday. The website lists all the “always available” hotels, plus many that are only sometimes made available. You can also use any Holiday Credits to book any cruise listed on the site, too.

If you’re wondering how to use your Dream Vacations package, log on and give it a try. The more you know, the futher you’ll go. And Royal Holiday Member Services is always available to offer further support or travel tips, via chat, email or phone.