Quick and easy: Cruises online

The option of a trip by cruise provides a complete holiday, visiting several destinations in one trip. And if you book online, you will find it easy and convenient. Plus, on reservations of more than 5,000 Holiday Credits you receive 500 gift for your next holiday.

Next, we explain the steps for booking your next vacation aboard a cruise through the website very simply. Ready?

  1. Go to the Cruises section on royalholidaydream.com and look for available options. You can choose a cruise by route, duration in days, departure date, or ship.
  2. Choose the ship and route you prefer, the number of passengers who will be traveling, and select Reserve. The system will display cabin options and the cost in credits for each, as well as the all-inclusive cost. You can go to details for more information. With that, you can choose your favorite option and once again select Reserve.
  3. At this time, the lodging is reserved for a limited time. So, it is important not to take too long to complete the process. Fill out all the passenger data of those traveling on the cruise. This information is required by the cruise operator and filling it out now will save you future paperwork. Remember to have the passports of all travelers with you, as you will need the information in these documents, in addition to the personal information of every traveler. In this section you can also indicate whether you are celebrating a special occasion or if you need any care or medical equipment in particular.
  4. In the next and final step you will view the total to pay, and you can choose which card to use. Fill out the information and select  Pay. You will see a reference code and a bank authorization code. You will also be able to print the booking confirmation.

The official documentation from the cruise operator will arrive by email 30 days before the cruise departure. Keep your receipts and confirmations and get ready for an incredible journey aboard a cruise. Remember that each reservation online, gives you a 500 Holiday Credits gift for your next vacation, also in a cruise!

Before booking, it is important to note that your passport must be valid for 6 months after the cruise trip ends, and you may need special documentation depending on the laws of the country or countries you visit.

Your best option to stay in Aruba

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Each month we recommend travel offers in the latest edition of News. This time we are featuring Los Cabos, Utah, Aruba and Orlando with big savings, plus the opportunity to experience a 7 night Cruise out of Seattle, aboard the Ruby Princess.

In the articles section, discover all the wonders that Paradise Beach Villas has for you and why it is the best choice for your stay in Aruba, as well as a tutorial to book your next cruise online and receive a 500 Holiday Credits gift. Super easy!

The video of the month features the Rosen Centre in Orlando, with images that will make you want stay there on your next vacation in this destination. Have you watched it yet?

We hope your next holiday is an amazing experience right from the planning stages, with the articles and promotions we prepared for you.

Bon Voyage!

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