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The Internet was supposed to solve every problem in the world. It’s probably done wonders in some areas, like distribution and keeping you in touch with people you’d otherwise know nothing about. But at the end of the day, you still need a real life escape – and a trip to the beach is often just what the doctor ordered.

Fortunately, booking on the the Royal Dream Vacations website has gotten a lot easier. It’s loaded with specials you’ll only hear about on the site – and it makes keeping track of your certificates a lot easier. Did you know you can spend as many as 3 low-season weeks for as little as $600 in some locations?  There’s more on how to get there – here.

Of course, The News is just one of the other ways you can learn about where to go and why. You’ll find many of those same specials listed on the site and those are often complemented by other specials available nowhere else.

Right now – beach lovers are booking Cozumel and Guanica in Puerto Rico. Los Cabos is wide open too. Looking for something a little more cultural, try the Capital of the World, London.

This month’s video-of-the-month is the classic Acapulco holiday – at the Park Royal Acapulco. It’s still one of the most famous cities anywhere in the world – and going has never been more fun.

Looking for a cruise? Sail the Carnival Glory for seven Caribbean nights at just 14,233 rentals Credits.

Remember, all of these specials – and many more – are listed on the website – and each represents a happier – more beautiful place – that’s waiting to see you again.

Bon Voyage!

angie vela
Angie Vela
Director of Member Services
Royal Holiday