Where in the Heck is Huatulco Anyway?

The Park Royal family will extend all the way to Huatulco, as of September 1st 2014. Incredible, fully All-Inclusive, the new Park Royal Huatulco is perfect for the family holiday, the romantic getaway or a long holiday with your closest friends.

Extending the full service associated with the Park Royal name could really only make it better. All-Inclusive, and then some, it’s more than just a change of name.

The Park Royal stands, already, for incredible service, attention to every detail and cleanliness right down to the regular detailing of every room.  This newest hotel to bear the Park Royal name – the Park Royal Huatulco – invites Royal Holiday travelers to enjoy the full Bay of Tangolunda, one of the nine bays of Huatulco, with the full comfort, satisfaction and style you’ve come to know in Cancun, Cozumel and Los Cabos.

Truly grand California-style architecture stands out from an exotic jungle – and guests take to the eco-tourism, the biking and to a lot of forlorn and heartbreaking beaches. That’s when they’re not living it up at the secluded beach club, complete with a swimming pool, lounge and dinner club.

But up on the main resort grounds Royal Holiday travelers take to the main swimming pool, overlooked by a cute trattoria and lots of the suites for which the Park Royal Huatulco will be famous. Breakfast can be taken right on the deck, and each comfortable suite boasts a private terrace, air conditioning, coffee maker, strong box and satellite TV.

With a modern airport welcoming flights not just from Mexico City, it’s still one of the best kept secrets on the Pacific. The nine bays had been an ultra-obscure surfing hideaway for decades before the Huatulco scene caught on briefly in the 1990s. Today’s Huatulco is still not well known – but with nine protected bays – everyone’s got a favorite.

With everything familiar from the Park Royal family of hotels & resorts – it’s still a very different vacation experience.  Oaxacan food is among the most famous – complex, sophisticated and dynamic – of all the many regional cuisines of Mexico. It makes not only a fine addition to what the Park Royal is serving, tonight, but something “oh-so-different” to experience on your next holiday.  

All Inclusive or Vacation Condo? 5 Advantages to Each

Every year Royal Holiday vacation travelers come to Membership Services with a very similar question. Should I go with an All-Inclusive resort or with a vacation condo style resort? While each is loaded with advantages, it all comes down to how you want to go – and how you want to stay.

Let’s take All-Inclusive first not only because it’s less obvious but because it’s frequently worth the extra expense.

Five Advantages to All-Inclusive

1. An AI vacation is always better for multi-generational travel.  Different age groups have different eating and drinking habits needs or wants. Seniors really should be able to spend the entire morning at the restaurant and kids should have a few more snacks whenever they want.

2. AI is better for an International Trip that’s not too adventurous. (Again, like with older adults and kids). AI let’s you pay for things upfront in your own currency, so you’re not constantly digging for unfamiliar bills or calculating Exchange Rates.

 3. An AI Vacation lets you relax more and better, in basically one place, without venturing out too much.

4. AI also lets bigger groups of people travel together – without having to coordinate meal times or meetings.

5. AI is the way to go – to some of the most popular beaches in Mexico, theDominican Republic or the RivieraMaya where guests enjoy stunning natural beauty but without really busting loose for the heart of the jungle.

Five Advantages to Condo Travel

1. A vacation condo is likely much less expensive. Longer stays and more freedom are two big plusses!

2. Condos are prefferred by independent adults of the same ages or those traveling with only one or two small children. Some condos, like the High Point World Resort in Orlando, are particularly good for families with multiple children, but whose dining habits are familiar and easy to manage.

3. Going to the supermarket is the start – not just of savings. It’s also the first step to exploring the wider area.

4. Travel more! Royal Holiday travelers to condo vacation resorts are there not just for the time at the resort, but for the broader city or region.

5. More casual Eating. Because you’re bringing some food in, you can enjoy a more casual approach to when and what you eat. Again, this isn’t so good for some kids or older adults. But for a couple or groups of adults, it’s definitely the preferred way to go.

You’ll see above that there are some very distinctive advantages to either way – “lodging only” in a Condo Restort or All-Inclusive. Let us know in the comments below which way you prefer to go – and why ? Other members would love to know.

The Park Royal, now in Buenos Aires!

Royal Holiday travelers have come to expect the fanatical cleanliness and attention to detail that only the Park Royal can provide. As Club Resorts go, these are the very best. Now as far away as Buenos Aires, you can enjoy the very same fantastic service.

Just one block from the beautiful Plaza San Martin, in the very center of the city, the Park Royal Buenos Aires provides not only a warm welcome to the city, but the perfect backdrop for your South American adventure. It’s just 3 blocks from the world famous Florida Street and a few blocks from the Buenos Aires’ Obelisk. There’s also plenty of shopping, world-class entertainment, cultural centers and of course, the cuisine for which Argentina is famous.

The Park Royal Buenos Aires welcomes Royal Holiday guests not just to one of the continent’s premier locations, but to the comfort and reassurance of a hotel they know and love. Suites are all being renovated, with cable TV, individually controlled heating and air conditioning, on-site laundry service and of course, the staff that’s been greeting you at every Park Royal hotel and resort.  Royal Holiday members are booking as of September 1, 2014.

Life is too short not to take off for the Silver Queen of South America. Regular direct flights depart from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Madrid, and of course, from Cancun, too.

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Long summer days at the beach?


Did you know that July is, on average, the warmest month in almost all of the northern hemisphere? Despite some showers, it’s the height of summer and planning that next trip is on everyone’s mind.

For a few days at the beach you can pretty much have your pick.

Cozumel, Ixtapa, Cancun and Acapulco are each offering one or two free nights. There’s also a pretty fantastic deal on a Caribbean cruise for a full seven nights at just a little more than 11,000 Holiday Credits. If you haven’t gone yet this year, the getting is very good right now.

There’s also news from the Park Royal: far off to the south in Buenos Aires – Royal Holiday travelers will be enjoying the same fine reception at the newly christened Park Royal Buenos Aires. With direct flights right from Cancun it’s not such a stretch and the all new hotel means Royal Holiday travelers can take in some serious culture along with the sun, sand and surf – all while still beneath that famous Park Royal umbrella!  For sheer location in the city, it’s a fantastic addition to the collection and a very choice place to rediscover yourself!

Also, please review this important information about safety and security for travlers in Mexico. The statistics will likely surprise as every Royal Holiday destination is actually statistically safer than similar cities in the US.

Finally, if your Royal Holiday web account is still not up to date, now’s the time to get it straight. This video will show you how to do it – and with  very little trouble. PLUS, you’ll get 200 Holiday Credits FREE for signing up and an additional 500 when you book anything over 5,000 Holiday Credits! There’s no better time to do it! And no better way to see the specials on offer now!

Hoping your July is all it can be, Member Services will be happy to get you going on that next great adventure – or on a trip back to your favorite beach-front hang out. Being there is always just a little better than you imagined!
Bon Voyage!

angie vela
Angie Vela
Member Services Manager
Royal Holiday