New Certainty Whenever You Book

New Certainty Whenever You Book
New Certainty Whenever You Book

Committed to continuous improvements, the already new Dream Vacations website is now sporting an all new and far more robust reservation system that allows you to maximize your Dream membership and getting out more – and more often.

Short-Term Opportunities
Dream Members always have special access to a limited number of resorts and cruises. But the new system will highlight limited time opportunities at all kinds of other places! These can include condo-resorts, full service All-Inclusive resorts and even some of the traditional hotels you love the best.
Preferential Rates
As part of your Dream Vacations membership you always get preferred rates on your favorite hotels, but the new system is designed to highlight the offers with the best rates. The new system also continually shows you which certificates can be redeemed – starting with those that are most affordable!
Better Service
The new reservation system also lets Membership Services better find your reservation and get you going a lot more efficiently. That way even if you call in you get faster service on payments, reservation changes, or even inquiries about your membership. You get comprehensive care in just one call.

24/7 Attention!

What’s more, the new technology behind the website lets Dream members get excellent attention no matter when they’re booking. Just click the chat button at the top of any page, and they’ll be happy to keep you going Monday to Thursday from 7am to 11pm, Fridays from 7am to 9 pm and weekends from 10am till 6pm (all times are CST). If they’re not there, you’ll be prompted to send an email. is, today, a faster, better and more efficient way to plan your next vacation. Log on today, and you’ll see the difference.


News, Specials and More!

June is spectacular month to be planning – for September and October – or for something just around the corner. Dream Members are right now packing off to somewhere special – and there are plenty of opportunities for you to join them.

There’s even a new video to back that up. The cameras captured everything at the new Grand Riviera Princess, the newest hot spot welcoming Dream members to the Riviera Maya and sunny Playa del Carmen. It may seem altogether irresistible, but this is not like the last All-Inclusive you remember!

There’s also a comparison between the benefits of traveling – right now – or later in autumn. You might be surprised at how fast the advantages start adding up – and believe it or not, that October vacation may be just perfect for what you’d been planning!

Free Nights? Upgrades? If you’re anxious to go, there are some terrific opportunities up right now.

Dream members are heading for the magnificent Caribbean – in Punta Cana. They’re also going to beautiful South Padre Island in Texas! There are deals in Cancun and even Lake Placid is blooming with the height of Low Season, yet high and away in Upstate New York. Or take off for the Caribbean – at just over 11,000 Holiday Credits you won’t regret a thing!

Thank you very much for your trust and loyalty. I’m hoping you’ll find this edition of the News not only useful – but inspiring. Your membership should have you good to go, now, or later in the year. Give Membership Services a call if you have any questions of concerns or send a quick email: We’re always glad to hear from you!

Bon Voyage!

angie vela
Angelica Vela
Membership Services Manager
Royal Holiday


Summer Lasts Straight Through Autumn!

dreamSummer is the height of the vacation holiday season – but what if you go in October? Here’s how to get two extra months of Summer every year.

What does Autumn have over Summer Anyway?

Experienced Royal Holiday travelers know that every location you can travel too has a high and low season. The Royal Holiday system isolates the few Prime season dates (in most places) to keep High seasons more affordable. But for lots of places, Cancun, Cozumel and a lot of other beach locations, summer is still as high as High season gets. It can be expensive too!

Many Royal Holiday travelers have also grown accustomed to the idea that “Sometimes it’s low season just because not a lot of people are going.”

Other than the crowds, in many locations September and October can look exactly like Summer. This is especially true along the beaches in Mexico, and in the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Particularly when you can’t get a reservation – at the height of July for example – it’s good to know that a four or five day break in September or October could cost as much as 50% less – for the same room.

It’s also a lot easier to book and at prices like these you could even stay twice as long. Or go twice for four or five days each and then see how you feel!

Risks to Autumn Travel

The risk most people think of – in the Caribbean – is the Atlantic hurricane season which peaks every year in September.

It’s a real risk – but guess what? It’s only nominally less important in July or August. The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1st not on September 1st!

Royal Holiday travelers rest assured that if the airport closes, their vacation will be re-scheduled. Other than tropical weather patterns, most of the beaches in Mexico are beautiful year round.

There’s also some risk that without the crowds, with just your partner and a really beautiful location – you may just learn and experience something totally new. Now that’s a risk worth carefully considering.