Have you checked out the Royal Dreams Website yet?

Some members will recall that Royal Holiday was anxious to close 2013 with a bang – by launching a new interactive site just for Dream Vacations members. The site has already taken off with considerable success and we want to make sure you get the most out of it.

The main goal of launching the site is to provide an additional channel for members who want to book simply and easily any time of day or night. Easy to navigate, check availability and to reserve, it also provides a complete breakdown of your remaining certificates and how much each one is worth.

You can browse today not just for the normally available resorts but for an always changing array of specials and deals. Sign in at royalholidaydream.com and check the instructions or the CHAT button if you have any trouble. There’s also an FAQ section with explanations of the most common problems new members sometimes experience.

Planning your vacation early is always a good idea. The new vacation planning site lets you filter your search by destination or cruise, promotions or by the dates you want to travel. Your search results will present you with a list of destinations or cruises and once you’ve selected it, you’ll see a variety of options for which certificates to use starting with the most affordable option. You can decide which certificates to redeem as well as your room size and select from a variety of other options.

Remember, your dream vacation could be for one week, two weeks or even three full weeks. Royal Holiday members go regularly and we’re always working on ways to make it easier and more fun.

You can still call with questions, comments or advice for when to go and how best to get there. Membership Services is standing by now and taking calls from many members who’ve already used the new website so we hope you’ll feel free to call just the same.

Royal Dream Vacations is a terrific way to enjoy a much longer, much more regular break to your hectic schedule. The new site will answer many of your questions and when and where to go are just among the most interesting.

Visit now at royalholidaydream.com.